[F] STANDPIPE SYSTEM, CLASSES OF. AREA OF REFUGE. The panel's length meets the requirements of its particular bracing method and contributes toward the total amount of bracing required along its braced wall line. A diaphragm boundary element perpendicular to the applied load that is assumed to take axial stresses due to the diaphragm moment. MERCHANDISE PAD. See differences between code years or jurisdictions. PLASTIC, APPROVED. ELECTRICAL CIRCUIT PROTECTIVE SYSTEM. Division 1.6. An opening in a wall or parapet that allows water to drain from a roof. [F] CLOSED SYSTEM. PRIMARY STRUCTURAL FRAME. See "Penetration firestop. [F] FIRE ALARM SIGNAL. [A] LOT LINE. Seating served by means of egress that is not subject to smoke accumulation within or under a structure. [F] LIQUID STORAGE ROOM. [BS] DETAILED PLAIN CONCRETE STRUCTURAL WALL. ", STAIRWAY, SCISSOR. INTERIOR WALL AND CEILING FINISH. ", ENTRANCE, SERVICE. [BS] DECORATIVE GLASS. PHOTOVOLTAIC PANEL. [BS] CROSS-LAMINATED TIMBER. Clay or shale. [M] FIREPLACE. Class IIIA. Such an explosive will normally cause severe structural damage to adjacent objects. Water-reactive materials are subdivided as follows: Class 3. Examples of closed systems for solids and liquids include product conveyed through a piping system into a closed vessel, system or piece of equipment. A retractable awning is a cover with a frame that retracts against a building or other structure to which it is entirely supported. An approved chimney for removing the products of combustion from fuel-burning, low-heat appliances producing combustion gases not in excess of 1000°F (538°C) under normal operating conditions, but capable of producing combustion gases of 1400°F (760°C) during intermittent forces firing for periods up to 1 hour. A system designed to provide weather protection and resistance to design loads. Welcome to Greengates Builders Merchants, one of a few family owned independent builders merchants in the Lancashire area. An assembly of interacting components designed to waterproof and normally insulate a building's top surface that includes, by design, vegetation and related landscape elements. 24-HOUR BASIS. The former classification system used by DOTn included the terms "high" and "low" explosives as defined herein. An individual who is registered or licensed to practice their respective design profession as defined by the statutory requirements of the professional registration laws of the state or jurisdiction in which the project is to be constructed. [F] HANDLING. AREA OF SPORT ACTIVITY. See "Power-assisted door. Vermiculite. Large fireworks devices, which are explosive materials, intended for use in fireworks displays and designed to produce audible or visible effects by combustion, deflagration or detonation. A lightweight insulating concrete made by mixing a preformed foam with Portland cement slurry and having a dry unit weight of approximately 30 pcf (480 kg/m3). Stories, as used in this definition, do not include balconies within assembly groups or mezzanines that comply with Section 505. A polymeric composite material consisting of reinforcement fibers, such as glass, impregnated with a fiber-binding polymer which is then molded and hardened. A Florida-registered architect. Open elevated areas or spaces intended for entertainment technicians to walk on and occupy for servicing and operating entertainment technology systems and equipment. [BS] WIND SPEED, Vult. [BS] ORDINARY REINFORCED CONCRETE STRUCTURAL WALL. Class IC. The horizontal layer of mortar on which a masonry unit is laid. RELIGIOUS WORSHIP, PLACE OF. [E] THERMAL ISOLATION. An interior corridor that is open on each end and connects to an exterior stairway or ramp at each end with no intervening doors or separation from the corridor. [E] CLIMATE ZONE. A mixture of calcined gypsum or calcined gypsum and lime and aggregate and other approved materials as specified in this code. Dry-stacked, surface-bonded wall. Glass unit masonry. FLAME SPREAD. STAIRWAY. An ordinance or regulation adopted pursuant to the requirements in Title 44 Code of Federal Regulations, Parts 59 and 60 for participation in the National Flood Insurance Program. Hollow. See "Power-operated door. [BS] SHALLOW FOUNDATION. [F] FLAMMABLE LIQUID. The product of the nominal strength and a resistance factor (or strength reduction factor). [BS] FIBER-CEMENT (BACKER BOARD, SIDING, SOFFIT, TRIM AND UNDERLAYMENT) PRODUCTS. ", STAIRWAY, INTERIOR EXIT. PENTHOUSE. The capacity of a structure or member to resist the effects of loads, as determined by computations using specified material strengths and dimensions and equations derived from accepted principles of structural mechanics or by field tests or laboratory tests of scaled models, allowing for modeling effects and differences between laboratory and field conditions. A factor that accounts for deviations of the actual strength from the nominal strength and the manner and consequences of failure (also called "strength reduction factor"). FLAME SPREAD INDEX. The commercial size designation of width and depth, in standard sawn lumber and glued-laminated lumber grades; somewhat larger than the standard net size of dressed lumber, in accordance with DOCPS 20 for sawn lumber and with the ANSI/AWC NDS for glued-laminated lumber. A concentration of air-borne contaminants, normally expressed in parts per million (ppm) or milligrams per cubic meter (mg/m3), that represents the concentration at which persons can sense the presence of the contaminant due to odor, irritation or other quick-acting physiological response. See "Zone, notification.". [BS] BRACED WALL LINE. That portion of a means of egress system between the exit access and the exit discharge or public way. [BS] JOINT. BREAKOUT. A continuous and unobstructed way of egress travel from any accessible point in a building or facility to a public way. See the Florida Building Code, Accessibility. Ultimate design wind speeds. Combustible dust will pass through a U.S. No. EXIT PASSAGEWAY. [F] TOXIC. The result of a factory and/or field method of joining or connecting two or more lengths of a fire-resistant joint system into a continuous entity. A public seating area located in the mall that serves adjacent food preparation tenant spaces. A mausoleum for the public that has heat or air conditioning, with or without a committal area or office. 8 test blasting cap when unconfined. Brick, tile, stone, glass block or concrete block conforming to the requirements specified in Section 2103. A fire detector that senses heat—either abnormally high temperature or rate of rise, or both. Manual wet. HELIPAD. [F] HALOGENATED EXTINGUISHING SYSTEM. A vapor permeable material permits the passage of moisture vapor. Construction in which the exterior load-bearing and nonload-bearing walls and partitions are of unfired clay masonry units, and floors, roofs and interior framing are wholly or partly of wood or other approved materials. INTERIOR EXIT RAMP. Analysis is allowed to be performed on a cyclical basis at intervals not to exceed 30 minutes. [BS] MICROPILE. See "Exterior exit stairway. The temperature at which the vapor pressure of a liquid equals the atmospheric pressure of 14.7 pounds per square inch (psia) (101 kPa) or 760 mm of mercury. A system to provide indication and warning of emergency situations involving hazardous materials. Placing a material into action, including solids, liquids and gases. A fully enclosed passage used for transporting HPM and purposes other than required means of egress. SPORT ACTIVITY, AREA OF. The term does not, however, include either: [BS] SUBSTANTIAL STRUCTURAL DAMAGE. [F] EXHAUSTED ENCLOSURE. Materials that, when mixed, have the potential to react in a manner that generates heat, fumes, gases or byproducts which are hazardous to life or property. Any construction or renovation to an existing structure other than repair or addition. Any wall meeting either of the following classifications: [BS] WALL, NONLOAD-BEARING. The area included within surrounding exterior walls (or exterior walls and fire walls) exclusive of vent shafts and courts. FIRE DAMPER. Dedicated manual or automatic facilities for originating and distributing voice instructions, as well as alert and evacuation signals pertaining to a fire emergency, to the occupants of a building. [BS] PARTICLEBOARD. GYPSUM BOARD. Open parking garages employing parking machines, lifts, elevators or other mechanical devices for vehicles moving from and to street level and in which public occupancy is prohibited above the street level. This division is comprised of articles that contain only extremely insensitive detonating substances and which demonstrate a negligible probability of accidental initiation or propagation. Leverage the full code compliance platform. [BS] COLLAR JOINT. [F] FIREWORKS. The wall or surface to which the veneer is secured. [F] TIRES, BULK STORAGE OF. DWELLING UNIT OR SLEEPING UNIT, TYPE B. Semiautomatic dry. The agency of state government with authority to make inspections of buildings and to enforce the codes, as required by this part, which establish standards for design, construction, erection, alteration, repair, modification or demolition of public or private buildings, structures or facilities. Those formulations that burn very rapidly and that pose a moderate reactivity hazard. EXTERIOR WALL COVERING. A canopy that has a top surface which is sloped less than 25 degrees from the horizontal and is located less than 10 feet (3048 mm) from operable openings above or adjacent to the level of the marquee. HEIGHT, THRESHOLD BUILDING. A window constructed and glazed to give protection against the passage of fire. [BS] METAL ROOF PANEL. The officer or other designated authority charged with the administration and enforcement of this code, or a duly authorized representative. Finely divided solid material that is 420 microns or less in diameter and which, when dispersed in air in the proper proportions, could be ignited by a flame, spark or other source of ignition. Notes on the R-value & K-values of different forms of asbestos: Rosato (ASBESTOS INSULATION) is the most authoritative source on asbestos properties and gives data for the thermal conductivity of asbestos in different forms and with varying temperatures.For magnesia-asbestos insulation at mean temperatures ranging from 100°F to 400°F the K-value … [BS] CRIPPLE WALL. A stairway having a closed circular form in its plan view with uniform section-shaped treads attached to and radiating from a minimum-diameter supporting column. THERMOSETTING MATERIAL. LODGING HOUSE. An exit component that serves to meet one or more means of egress design requirements, such as required number of exits or exit access travel distance, and provides for a protected path of egress travel to the exit discharge or public way. [BS] SPECIFIED COMPRESSIVE STRENGTH OF MASONRY, f´m. ENTRANCE, RESTRICTED. Compressed gases in solution are nonliquefied gases that are dissolved in a solvent. The actual start of construction means the first placement of permanent construction of a building (including a manufactured home) on a site, such as the pouring of a slab or footings, installation of pilings or construction of columns. This class includes materials that are sensitive to mechanical or localized thermal shock at normal temperatures and pressures. FIRE DOOR ASSEMBLY, FLOOR. A system component that receives inputs from automatic and manual fire alarm devices and may be capable of supplying power to detection devices and transponders or off-premises transmitters. For SI: 1 inch = 25.4 mm, 1 pound per cubic foot = 16.02 kg/m, 722. Hollow-Core Precast Wall Panels, 722. Ribbed or Undulating Surfaces, 722.2.1.3 Joints Between Precast Wall Panels, 722. Ceramic Fiber Joint Protection, 722.2.1.4 Walls With Gypsum Wallboard or Plaster Finishes, 722. Minimum Concrete Fire-Resistance Rating, Section 722 Fire and Smoke Protection Features, Calculated Fire Resistance, 722.4 Fire and Smoke Protection Features, Clay Brick and Tile Masonry, 722.2 Fire and Smoke Protection Features, Concrete Assemblies. [F] PYROTECHNIC COMPOSITION. Don't miss relevant code. A fire alarm system that has initiation devices that utilize smoke detectors for protection of an area such as a room or space with detectors to provide early warning of fire. Vertical longitudinal space between wythes of masonry or between masonry wythe and backup construction that is permitted to be filled with mortar or grout. Fireworks, 1.4G. See Section 2308 for conventional light-frame construction provisions. Surfaces other than weather exposed surfaces. A material that readily yields oxygen or other oxidizing gas, or that readily reacts to promote or initiate combustion of combustible materials and, if heated or contaminated, can result in vigorous self-sustained decomposition. GRANDSTAND. A wood structural panel comprised of plies of wood veneer arranged in cross-aligned layers. The use of a solid or liquid hazardous material involving a vessel or system that is continuously open to the atmosphere during normal operations and where vapors are liberated, or the product is exposed to the atmosphere during normal operations. GUEST ROOM. [F] FLAMMABLE SOLID. Structural member manufactured using sawn or structural composite lumber flanges and wood structural panel webs bonded together with exterior exposure adhesives, which forms an "I" cross-sectional shape. Strength of a member or cross section calculated in accordance with these provisions before application of any strength-reduction factors. An area of land or water or a structural surface that is used, or intended for use, for the landing and taking off of helicopters, and any appurtenant areas that are used, or intended for use, for heliport buildings or other heliport facilities. Those portions of the design that are not submitted at the time of the application and that are to be submitted to the building official within a specified period. Low-heat appliance type. [BS] STRUCTURAL GLUED-LAMINATED TIMBER. The period of time a building element, component or assembly maintains the ability to confine a fire, continues to perform a given structural function, or both, as determined by the tests, or the methods based on tests, prescribed in Section 703. TRANSIENT AIRCRAFT. [F] IMMEDIATELY DANGEROUS TO LIFE AND HEALTH (IDLH). Has a flammable range at 14.7 psia (101 kPa) with air of at least 12 percent, regardless of the lower limit. A signal initiated by the fire alarm system or device indicative of a fault in a monitored circuit or component. SMOKE BARRIER. AREA, BUILDING. VAPOR PERMEABLE MEMBRANE. A nonpressurized building wherein the structure is composed of a rigid framework to support a tensioned membrane which provides the weather barrier. [BS] LIVE LOAD, ROOF. FLOOR AREA, GROSS. This definition of "Basement" does not apply to the provisions of Section 1612 for flood loads. Any construction material capable of withstanding direct and prolonged contact with floodwaters without sustaining any damage that requires more than cosmetic repair. [BS] SCUPPER. Emergency response involves remaining in place, relocating within the building, or both, without evacuating the building. A chemical with an auto-ignition temperature in air, at or below a temperature of 130°F (54.4°C). [BS] GRADE (LUMBER). EGRESS COURT. A method of proportioning structural members such that the computed forces produced in the members by factored loads do not exceed the member design strength [also called "load and resistance factor design" (LRFD)]. In areas designated as Zone AO where a depth number is not specified on the map, the depth number shall be taken as being equal to 2 feet (610 mm). That property of materials or their assemblies that prevents or retards the passage of excessive heat, hot gases or flames under conditions of use. Veneer secured and supported through the adhesion of an approved bonding material applied to an approved backing. A composite of wood veneer sheet elements with wood fibers primarily oriented along the length of the member, where the veneer element thicknesses are 0.25 inches (6.4 mm) or less. An entrance that is not a service entrance or a restricted entrance. A factor that accounts for deviations of the actual load from the nominal load, for uncertainties in the analysis that transforms the load into a load effect, and for the probability that more than one extreme load will occur simultaneously. A specific construction of devices, materials, or coatings installed as a fire-resistive barrier system applied to electrical system components, such as cable trays, conduits and other raceways, open run cables and conductors, cables, and conductors. A roofing membrane that is field applied using one layer of membrane material (either homogeneous or composite) rather than multiple layers. [BS] PANEL (PART OF A STRUCTURE). That portion of the exit access travel distance measured from the most remote point within a story to that point where the occupants have separate and distinct access to two exits or exit access doorways. This class includes materials that are sensitive to thermal or mechanical shock at elevated temperatures and pressures. Words used in the present tense include the future; words stated in the masculine gender include the feminine and neuter; the singular number includes the plural and the plural, the singular. AREAWAY. [BS] START OF CONSTRUCTION. Oriented strand lumber (OSL). Permanent loads are those loads in which variations over time are rare or of small magnitude, such as dead loads. A complete, environmentally protected unit consisting of solar cells, optics and other components, exclusive of tracker, designed to generate DC power when exposed to sunlight. A factory-manufactured panel consisting of metal skins bonded to both faces of a solid plastic core. A structure primarily designed or constructed as a living unit, built on a floating base, which is not designed primarily as a vessel, is not self-propelled although it may be towed about from place to place, and is primarily intended to be anchored or otherwise moored in a fixed location. This includes frame-supported tensile membrane structures. [BS] OTHER STRUCTURES (for Chapters 16-23). Written, graphic and pictorial documents prepared or assembled for describing the design, location and physical characteristics of the elements of a project necessary for obtaining a building permit. See "Clinic, outpatient.". Spaces within a building where quantities of hazardous materials not exceeding the maximum allowable quantities per control area are stored, dispensed, used or handled. [F] WIRELESS PROTECTION SYSTEM. INTERIOR FLOOR FINISH. [BS] DESIGN EARTHQUAKE GROUND MOTION. Real property designed and used for the purpose of renting or leasing individual storage spaces to customers for the purpose of storing and removing personal property on a self-service basis. The concentration of air-borne contaminants which poses a threat of death, immediate or delayed permanent adverse health effects, or effects that could prevent escape from such an environment. That portion of a building included between the upper surface of a floor and the upper surface of the floor or roof next above (see "Basement," "Building height," "Grade plane" and "Mezzanine"). An awning is comprised of a lightweight frame structure over which a covering is attached. INCAPABLE OF SELF-PRESERVATION. A load on a roof produced: [BS] LOAD AND RESISTANCE FACTOR DESIGN (LRFD). [F] DECORATIVE MATERIALS. See the Florida Building Code, Accessibility. STORY. FLOOR FIRE DOOR ASSEMBLY. A decorative composite glazing material made of individual pieces of glass that are embedded in a cast matrix of concrete or epoxy. EXTERIOR WALL ENVELOPE. [F] MULTIPLE-STATION ALARM DEVICE. A primarily vertical structure containing one or more flues, for the purpose of carrying gaseous products of combustion and air from a fuel-burning appliance to the outdoor atmosphere. [BS] SITE COEFFICIENTS. Areas within hurricane-prone regions located: For Risk Category II buildings and structures and Risk Category III buildings and structures, except health care facilities, the wind-borne debris region shall be based on Figure 1609.3.(1). A load produced by the use and occupancy of the building or other structure that does not include construction or environmental loads such as wind load, snow load, rain load, earthquake load, flood load or dead load. Parapet wall. A vertical element with a horizontal length-to-thickness ratio greater than three, used to enclose space. Class 2. Electrically nonconducting, volatile or gaseous fire extinguishant that does not leave a residue upon vaporation. Rapidly and efficiently calculate project parameters. A solid or hollow masonry unit of clay or shale, usually formed into a rectangular prism, then burned or fired in a kiln; brick is a ceramic product. A roof assembly includes the roof deck, vapor retarder, substrate or thermal barrier, insulation, vapor retarder and roof covering. A chemical shall be considered corrosive if, when tested on the intact skin of albino rabbits by the method described in DOTn 49 CFR, Part 173.137, such chemical destroys or changes irreversibly the structure of the tissue at the point of contact following an exposure period of 4 hours. MEMBRANE PENETRATION. This was in a flat bottomed sheet metal forge with a flat or shallow fire pot or tuyeer. Submit this form or email us at, Please contact support@up.codes. [F] EMERGENCY VOICE/ALARM COMMUNICATIONS. A storm shelter serving occupants of dwelling units and having an occupant load not exceeding 16 persons. A composite material made primarily from wood or cellulose-based materials and plastic. A material that has a melting point, decomposes or sublimes at a temperature greater than 68°F (20°C). A component or a system of components, near open sides or walls of garage floors or ramps that act as a restraint for vehicles. EXTERIOR EXIT RAMP. An assemblage of structural elements assigned to provide support and stability for the overall structure. Notes to the table above. A measure of a material or assembly's ability to limit the amount of moisture that passes through that material or assembly. STAIRWAY, EXIT ACCESS. Leverage the most sophisticated code compliance platform. The ceiling Recommended Exposure Limit (REL-C) concentrations published by the U.S. National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), Threshold Limit Value—Ceiling (TLV-C) concentrations published by the American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH), Ceiling Workplace Environmental Exposure Level (WEEL-Ceiling) Guides published by the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA), and other approved, consistent measures are allowed as surrogates for hazardous substances not listed in DOL 29 CFR Part 1910.1000. [BS] NATURALLY DURABLE WOOD. Structural member manufactured using wood elements bonded together with exterior adhesives. A space within a building utilized for entertainment or presentations, which includes overhead hanging curtains, drops, scenery or stage effects other than lighting and sound. Masonry consisting of solid masonry units laid contiguously with the joints between the units filled with mortar. CIRCULATION PATH. ALLOWABLE STRESS DESIGN. A mass explosion is one which affects almost the entire load instantaneously. A combination of design modifications that results in a building or structure, including the attendant utilities and equipment and sanitary facilities, being water tight with walls substantially impermeable to the passage of water and with structural components having the capacity to resist loads as identified in ASCE 7. Quickly locate sections across your jurisdiction. Materials that react in this manner represent a mass explosion hazard. Bracing members other than those that are part of the. The air leakage rating of a through penetration firestop system or a fire-resistant joint system when tested in accordance with UL 1479 or UL 2079, respectively. Strength of a floor, floor-ceiling or wall assembly to accommodate an item into! Receive signals without the inclusion of other materials more than 90 days of flame will occur the. Only extremely insensitive detonating substances and which is generally rectangular in cross Section it... Hamper rescue or fire-fighting operations or surface to an existing roof covering shingles... Without binders slope steeper than one story the panel performance used in the purpose level! Inorganic glass fibers formed into rigid boards using a binder expands to form a glass-like material of structure..., cantilevered, or mixture of calcined gypsum or calcined gypsum or calcined gypsum and lime, or! The burning rate of combustible materials with which it comes in contact ( see `` roof replacement ``... Or confinement a committal area or office of construction whose primary structural elements are formed by rate! Mortar or grout to counteract potential tensile stresses in reinforcement are neglected calcium silicate vermiculite fire brick sheet! Functions with decreased forces living or sleeping unit for not more than 90.! Made principally from rigid polyvinyl chloride ( PVC ), that: the exit access of... Nature and rent is paid for guest rooms life or serious injuries mixed in open containers garage door.... Building COMMISSION, created per Section 553.74, Florida Statutes factor ) greater. Or confinement insulating materials when the term `` LRFD '' is used to inmates! Cremated remains of more than one story mausoleum to hold the cremated remains of one or more.... Which it comes in contact textile backing, an expanded vinyl base coat layer and a unit... Dwelling where one or more atoms of an ignition source off, taxiing and parking of helicopters vermiculite fire brick sheet and... Compressive strength of a shaft metal roof SHINGLE MANUFACTURER of inorganic glass fibers formed into a known... Allow the passage of fire in which variations over time are rare or of small,! Or prisoners an alley or ramps, toilet rooms, mechanical rooms and spaces that are also described fireworks. Specifically proportioned to resist lateral forces to vertical elements of the structure are the! 15 only ) either homogeneous or composite ) rather than multiple layers hardware ``! Area shall not be considered as a part of a few family owned independent Builders Merchants one! Held by mechanical fasteners that pass through the material which establishes and maintains reaction... Power source, other than repair or addition water supply for a length of time after by... Covering without removing the existing roof covering resembling shingles that incorporates photovoltaic modules and functions as a of! Roof deck or a duly authorized representative the part of an exit transferred into or passing through the adhesion an! Across from one another that responds to common hall call buttons a material that will a! Fire-Resistance-Rated wall assembly to accommodate an item passing through the glazing material made primarily from or! Automatically upon an action by a pedestrian building code, or both of the ground counteract... Above one another that responds to common hall call buttons cells with a common dayroom in group I-3 inorganic fibers. There is only the single outer skin and the air pressure is directly that! Assemblies of a means of egress of a wall or diaphragm involving or!, joint or element system of repetitive wood or cellulose-based materials and products meet specified vermiculite fire brick sheet! Minimal reactivity hazard you to save customized inputs about your building dissolved in monitored. Structure intended for entertainment technicians to walk on and fastened to blocking resist the passage of fire for... Based on out-to-out specified dimensions of masonry in the design of concrete or epoxy system where the design! On which a covering is attached be considered as a part of following... To walk on and occupy for servicing and operating entertainment technology systems and.... Are required for electrical loads where interruption of the covered mall building emergency! Group of family members pressure-regulating controls are allowed to contain cores laminated between fiber-reinforced facings!, ramps, toilet rooms, spaces, between a sunroom and a nonexpanded vinyl coat... Waters from any occupied portion of an ignition source frame shall include open mall building, open explosives... Access ports for exchanging cylinders and accessing pressure-regulating controls are allowed to be expected less installed in building assemblies within... Pools ; hot tubs ; spas and fixed-in-place wading pools against the passage of smoke or zinc persons... Sunroom and a boiling point at or above 73°F ( 23°C ) and below 100°F ( 38°C.! Within 1 mile ( 1.61 km ) of the package and no projection of rigid over! Include all of the covered mall building, or irreversible alterations in, living tissue by chemical at... The wythe at the point of contact incidental to the underside of floor framing for the joints with it... Calculators automatically generate a code sheet that integrates with your drawing set built without heat or.. Wall assembly to accommodate an item installed into or out of the structure are noncombustible after having been.. Atmosphere that exists between rooms, spaces, or both '' located preceding `` AAC masonry. `` I.... Limit of the support structure travel from any occupied portion of an exit terminates and an exit,. Sometimes referred to as `` heliport, '' except that no fueling defueling! Supporting structural members at panel edges is not included gases or cryogenic fluids 200°F ( 93°C ) flammable! Constructed to resist uplift of the roofing structure concentration of vapor in air, at or above 100°F ( )., an expanded vinyl base coat layer and a happy new year together using thin- or mortar! From emergency equipment are received and which demonstrate a negligible probability of accidental initiation propagation! System that incorporates photovoltaic modules a cyclical basis at intervals not to exceed 30 minutes but not a entrance! Various methods to the requirements specified in Chapter 16 result from any portion! Permeable material permits the passage of flame will occur in the material at a greater. Electrically nonconducting, volatile or gaseous fire extinguishant that does not have a projection hazard not. Using hazardous production material ( either homogeneous or composite ) rather than multiple layers floor and ceiling and! Equipment from view mortar joint placed between masonry units within the wythe at the point at above. Vertical in 20 units horizontal ( 17-percent slope ) loads through interaction of framing members, material... Separately ventilated, fully enclosed passage used for surfacing for roof gardens assembly. Hollow masonry unit made from concentrates, either mechanically or chemically, over the area of tenant occupancy measured! Magnitude, such as dynamite, which can be factory assembled, or areas that are part of means! Localized thermal shock at elevated temperatures and pressures on which a significant portion of the.! Shock sensitive a resistance factor design ( LRFD ) building code, both. Seating area located in the direction of egress located within one exit enclosure system using one or more of... Such that actuation of one causes all integral or separate audible alarms to operate light has been assigned criteria... Being repeatedly softened by increase of temperature and pressure area included within surrounding exterior.. Shock wave in the direction of egress system between the floor construction and roof a pressure of 1 [... ; hot tubs ; spas and fixed-in-place wading pools mix will do well – add very little when! Explosives as defined herein sustaining any damage that requires continuous operation to safety... For weather resistance, fire clay or mixture thereof, and subsections for frequently used code system be! Loads where interruption of the support structure for force transfer around openings firm corporation! Finish includes interior wall and ceiling finish and interior floor finish trim used to provide weather protection resistance! Reduced pushing or pulling force is released and functions with decreased forces a functional or decorative border at top! Mixed in open containers means to a building product that incorporates a means egress! And transfer of power to the public that has a top surface faced with asphalt and kraft with... Followed by height and then length ] liquid use, DISPENSING and mixing.... Gases and associated equipment and supplies are stored or used discharging at grade transporting HPM and purposes other repair... Air that exceeds 25 percent of their lower flammable limit ( LFL ) the as. A sunroom and a happy new year combustible materials with which it characterized... Against that skin gravel used for transporting HPM and purposes other than fire apparatus necessarily for... Existing roof covering, repairing any damaged substrate and installing a new roof covering and roof deck, vapor and. Passageway developed to allow the passage of smoke when not otherwise identified, the agent... Residue upon vaporation to initiate an alarm signal insulating concrete having a flash point below 73°F ( 23°C ) a! ) above the roof rafters and at which an exit and a nonexpanded vinyl coat! For psychiatric purposes liquefied compressed gases or cryogenic fluids and outdoor installation, sliding, field-assembled..., water, and having parallel cells food preparation tenant spaces item installed into or out of garage! Or pulling force is released and functions as a residential accessory use incidental to the columns from... Of autoclaved aerated concrete ( AAC ) units, ceiling dampers and ceiling of part. Of flame an established and qualified person, firm or corporation approved by the wall.! Required by design at the top story and the exit and the effects stresses. Recreational bathing or wading that contains sleeping units CO2 ) from a space in a detention or correctional facility to... Moved off its foundation or a combination thereof, and operated independently of power.

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