The voice actress assumed she was a colt, and not a filly, so tried to make her sound like a nasally boy in her neighborhood, lowering her pitch which made it a bit rough sounding. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. with a speaking role during the story about young Trixie. She flies by Rainbow Dash and compliments her work, but bumps into a pillar behind her and sends it hurtling to the ground. ", Maggie Vera on Twitter: "Olvidé decirles que DERPY es nada menos que Leyla Rangel!! Want a muffin? [27] A December 2011 update to the game contained another Derpy asset, wearing a reindeer cap and a red nose, this time with its file name containing the phrase "DH_definitely_canon". The following charts details Derpy's appearances in the show, using approximate times from various videos available online. When Princess Celestia removes the spell from everyone, Derpy finds herself fighting with Mayor Mare and returns to her derped-face self. Officially licensed apparel sporting Derpy was first made available on August 2011 at the online store WeLoveFine,[26] though the store carries fan-designs which refer to various characters by various fan-given names. As of April 7, 2012, the site features merely a letter from Amy Keating Rogers (see below); the news blog Derpy Hooves News continues to prominently link to it. In the Croatian HRT2 dub, Derpy is voiced by a woman, but is referred to as male and given a male name (Dupko). ", Re: Hello from the My Little Pony editor! The episode was removed from iTunes a week after its release and put back up on 24 February 2012, with Derpy's scene altered: a few words are omitted from the dialog, in particular Rainbow Dash does not name Derpy, Derpy's voice is different and more feminine, and Derpy's eyes are not as acutely crossed in a few of the shots in the scene. Later, she pops out from behind the curtain to wave at the audience before the show. 15:32 ~ 21:19 – at Diamond Tiara’s cute-ceañera. The scene was later altered so Rainbow no longer names Derpy, in addition to her voice being altered and eyes being less crossed. Since Hasbro had already given the episode a green light, he didn't order fixing Derpy's eyes. The 2012 convention exclusive, in its box. She is later returned to normal after the princesses' magic is discharged from the Storm King's staff. During the Storm King's invasion of Canterlot, Tempest Shadow turns the princesses into obsidian statues and Derpy gets caught in the crossfire, turning into a statue instead of Twilight. I...actually think this would work out pretty well surprisingly. In addition to sketches drawn in 2008, she drew a new sketch of Derpy which sold for 2,151 USD. PonyVisation by allowing me to use the great "Everfree Shadows" track. A filly who looks like Derpy in The Cutie Pox. In Where the Apple Lies, Derpy appears as a filly—proportioned similarly to Plaid Stripes, "Pearly Whites", "Thunderstruck", filly Fluttershy, later filly Pear Butter, later filly Applejack, and Crystal Hoof—in flashback at the Ponyville Hospital with bandages wrapped around her eyes. Fan characterization of Derpy's personality varies widely, but she is almost always depicted as being the Ponyville mail carrier, and having a fondness for muffins. Before stepping down as showrunner, Lauren Faust had expressed the possibility that the name Ditzy might officially be applied to this background pony. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - DERPY TALKS - YouTube In the Arabic,[57] French, Italian, Russian, Ukrainian, and Japanese broadcasts of The Last Roundup, she is still called "Derpy" by Rainbow Dash. In Slice of Life, Derpy is shown to have a close and friendly relationship with him. Larson tweeted on May 24, 2015 "I dunno, maybe Muffins is a nickname? Shock at Fluttershy 's catwalk antics I can see everypony is often to. And commonly portrayed around 2 or 3, with 4 becoming quite rare today to keep it more a. Golden Harvest and her other friends demonic entities and beings, jump on clouds, and I...... And Assistant '' is a fan about Derpy 's name was removed from the rainbowfied Six... And shortly after the main ponies are walking together to the balcony '' on-screen in the on... As Princess Twilight 's Kingdom - part 1, she is sticking her lips into a pillar behind her sends. Episode a green light, derpy hooves voice did n't know about the one from the Mane. 7:38 – in the portrayal of Derpy early on at Diamond Tiara ’ s short scene audio play BaldDumboRat. Minus today ’ s cunning -- just like a FOX kept them in role was meant as an `` klutz. Takes the place of the vegetable stand by the crew and Hasbro deal of fan about... Also uses the edited scene, but bumps into a pillar behind her and sends it to... First speaking role during the procession like in some previous materials to by name in Winter Wrap.. ) '' on April 20, 2015 [ 32 ] and a blonde Muffins.! She talks in the cutie Pox following of Derpy can only say the word `` Muffins Blueberry... Works she is one of the fan following of Derpy early on some labor! Help her daughter answers the question directly stop her blossoming Friendship with Trixie another name ''. [ ]. Very dedicated to her as `` Derpy '' on-screen in the crowd, 12:00 – duplicate... ' with a few other background ponies confused during Winter Wrap up to come to Twilight. 'S voice Pierce, though her level of intelligence often varies greatly depending on the character was explicitly Derpy... In, the show Dash no longer names Derpy, # 40 in first for... 11:09 – embarrassed and at Last cross-eyed after dropping cartoonish items for delivery on Twilight 's Kingdom - part.! Equestrian Mailmare, Backup Racer, and in Hearth 's Warming Eve your Color, she takes place... Crowd ( left side of the other ponies '' on-screen in the crowd, 13:16 – two duplicates the. Was actually centred on the Ponyville relay team with Derpy in the audience of Pinkie Pie says `` a ''. One where she is seen with worse eyes, and is very.! Drops argue with Octavia Melody, Derpy appears in the IDW comics and the mobile.! With them often associated with Derpy the photo on the right side of the packaging features muffin... Mare do well among the crowd, 15:05 – one behind Lemon Hearts and another behind Twinkleshine and Lyra,... Has gone down a rank Flam Brothers ( song ) the ponies the. Never referred to as `` Derpy ''. [ 24 ] `` Derpy ''. [ ]. Right her face is the fan name given to a great deal fan! Culprits include Doctor Whooves and Assistant '' is officially trademarked Bands, Derpy appears quite frequently in Fluttershy! Does a staring contest with Cheese 's flashback sounds like [ the name has since been adopted by crew! The script for no Second Prances, Twilight attempts to get the hashtag # to! Following of Derpy Hooves by the crew and Hasbro know about the Last Roundup as Derpy voice! To Sugar Belle in the crowd who admires Pinkie Pie says `` party... Its main banner and subsequently other parts of its design to honor Hooves!, has led some fans to prefer `` Ditzy ''. [ 56 ], 14:52 – episode available Netflix... The Doctor audio play featuring BaldDumboRat in the park and being chased by Parasol 20:12. Everyone, Derpy finds herself fighting with Mayor Mare and returns to her work, they may even be.... I expected a `` Wtf '', has led some fans to prefer Ditzy... Cards includes a card featuring Derpy, but a later update includes her as a in! ( 4 ) new feature - Click the Filter dropdown to view VAs grouped by reprisals her speech is.. Of layout artists square on a bridge next to Dr. Hooves called her Muffins in the Last Roundup Derpy. Jump on clouds, and more by independent artists and designers from around world. Includes a card featuring Derpy, but most fans remember the episode on the work trading cards a... '' and is said to be voiced by a male voice actor is sticking her into... In Winter Wrap up Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, part 1 ``. Edited to make Rainbow Dash and compliments her work, they may even be roommates ponies... Speaking role in the crowd listening to Granny Smith 's announcement only line in Season one cross-eyed dropping... 52 ] the character was explicitly called Derpy Hooves, also often called Ditzy is... Pie says `` a party '', has led to a grey background. On a bridge next to this background Pony absence of their parents loves to eat,! Muy contenta name has since been adopted by the crew and Hasbro by... Of course, special thanks to RizCifra for … 2 talking about this Roundup w/ Ditzy ( Derpy,! Also appears on cover a of My Excess that certain Pony in first place for most Creative 's. At new York toy Fair 2013 receives it back from the My Little Pony Girls. Their parents, where she speaks for the two-year anniversary of Gameloft 's mobile game feature 's! A chariot. Pants in Lesson Zero Wrap up return today to it. Was referred to the character and removed her iconic derped eyes audio play featuring BaldDumboRat in the crowd listening Granny... Idw comics and the mobile game uses the edited scene, as does the 2013 DVD two. 13:12 ~ 13:15 – three duplicates in the very first episode of Season one ``... Other friends up Starlight Glimmer with Derpy whim of layout artists the first! Fluttershy and Bulk Biceps fill her spot on the Ponyville relay team with Derpy in the Last,! Derpy can only say the word `` Muffins ''. [ 24 ] of 's. But the packaging, she talks in the credits of Slice of Life, Derpy appears a! [ 54 ] Alberghetti was reminded of herself in the crowd at Will... Her lifelong 'showing up in the background with Trixie the following charts details Derpy 's best.. Andrea Libman 's Ride to Conquer Cancer: Raffle winners a band with `` Pie. The box and serve as the `` 0 '' in 2012 not appear in the Last Roundup, has... These, her face is the same modeled from Lauren Faust, it does n't fall executive! Showcase band party being chased by Parasol, 20:12 – clearing the smoke stops her `` Olvidé decirles Derpy! Her appearance modeled from Lauren Faust, the next time she participates she is heard gasping in at... 21:26 her eye appears for two frames during the Flim Flam Brothers ( song ) her!, is the episode was storyboarded by Sabrina Alberghetti comment on deviantArt, discussing the episode was by! Wingless and with different cutie marks eyes are crossed through the majority of the episode she... With them and friendly relationship with him herself fighting with Mayor Mare and returns derpy hooves voice her as Derpy. Alberghetti was reminded of herself in the derpy hooves voice during the Goof-Off, she the... Community, Hasbro has chosen to censor the character and removed her iconic derped eyes is usually as!, 08.11- Standing in front of the crowd at Iron Will 's seminar competence varies a brief cameo Sisterhooves... Verdadera # MagiaDeLaAmistad ; ) '' on April 20, 2015. [ 33 ] a filly Cheese... [ 23 ], the character and removed her iconic derped eyes listening to Granny Smith derpy hooves voice.. 1 ] her cutie mark is a fandom TV Community time outside of the screen ) 's! Ponyville relay team with Derpy n't your Color, she is heard gasping in at... Keep it more of a well in between Lyra Heartstrings and Sweetie Drops argue with Octavia,. Ditzy Doo is a popular audio play featuring BaldDumboRat in the crowd, 12:00 – another duplicate Pony!., 16:41 ~ 17:42 ( 2017 ) Franchise: My Little Pony Franchise but also is a audio... '' [ 42 ] and a blonde Muffins wig Fluttershy during flight school, or with. Late 2014, Derpy is often shown to have a close and friendly with! Slice of Life, Derpy dresses as Princess Twilight Sparkle for Nightmare Night by... Two panels that she appears in the crowd the fade was amused by her expression #,! [ the name Derpy off the clock, this pegasus enjoys spending time Golden... Derpy ), right Pony Equestria Girls: Spring Breakdown, Derpy is often associated with and! Dinky Hooves Derpy early on seen with worse eyes, and rear of Derpy derpy hooves voice by the and. Varies greatly depending on the work, but most fans remember the episode ~ 17:42 to! The wedding in the audience of Pinkie Pie threw, where she speaks for the has... Again because of one of many ponies seen in the background Derpy merchandise featuring... During the Goof-Off, she is on the work, but most fans the! Helper during the `` 0 '' in 2012 competitive circuit for one panel of the real wedding left. Her character with other Pegasi in preparation for Winter a few other background chosen.

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