I have had the touch screen break on me as well which was blamed on the cold, even though it was in a garage. depreciation after I drove this new car off the lot. I have been to the dealer several times for the problem but never corrected. That has been my experience. Found a bunch of paperwork in the glove box with the previous owners name on it and got in contact with her. investigate refunding the car, however, I put a $7,000 down Have done several master resets and even removing the batt. Its frustrating working on them also…. I would touch the XM button and nothing happened, It took until February to get an appointment for them to fix this. Sign me up! We took a trip from Texas to Florida and it would rarely even recognize where we were. Ford needs to fulfill the hopes it put into people regarding Sync overall, but especially the Wi-fi feature. When the seconds earlier, happy CS rep came to tell me the car was ready her attitude towards me was bitter. Ford vehicles come with useful and practical technologies. I have to dial the number, it keeps calling the wrong number. When this happens the USB, line in and voice command does not work. I just got a notice this morning on Ford pass that there is an update for Sync 3. Also, disable the Bluetooth on your phone. Problems never fixed. 2014 Escape AND Edge. Same with this sinc I was told by that same manager whilst arguing over my vehicles paint, it has been repaired. I purchased an extended warranty thinking if something went wrong I would be covered, no big deal. A few weeks later it happened again I took it to the dealership when it finally started up again and by that time they had a recall notice on it and were able to take some of the wire that was loose. In addition they have already had to replace my back passenger window due to bubbles and now the paint is coming off at the edge of the bumper where it meets the fender. Way easier than I thought and I am not mechanically minded. @Chad: I sent you an e-mail. They are the same maps that all the GPS companies use. It also seems to get confused easily, and has tried to steer me the wrong way at least a couple times. The car we love is becoming a pain in the butt and we are not happy? Pair Your Phone with Ford SYNC Here is the way to sync iPhone to Ford sync. She will have no idea if she gets a text tell she leaves the car. I loved way it drove and happily signed my papers. It is very disturbing that a company will not fix a problem caused by their own software update. My 2011 Explorer SYNC system failed the day I brought it home. My most common daily complaint is the fact that when I end a call and disconnect the phone call on SYNC continues, for as long as 12 minutes long and during this time I am unable to use my phone, my radio or anything else. Had several times where my touch screen was freezing up but fixed itself. State. My In Sync system, has shut down twice. I have a 2012 Focus that I purchased in Nov of 2013 with only 20,000 miles on it. Earlier this week the dealer disconnected the battery which did not help. Have any of the other people found any solutions or help? Due to the fact that the dealer does not have a loaner program, we are down to 1 car. I’m really unhappy about this and wonder if I shouldn’t just My car was in the dealership for one week and I had a Dodge Durango whose system worked every time perfectly with my phone I do wish I had known this sooner! @Daniel: I would strongly suggest looking into your State and Federal rights. I did this twice and it did not resolve my problem. Then it started working for a while yesterday then stopped, Later on it started working now it nothing. Then later that day they called and said that part was faulty and had to order another. Didn’t know about this until the nonsense started. The following issues followed: no gps, phone briefly connects if at all, touch screen delays when moving from one screen to next, radio controls on steering wheel and climate control on dash also delayed when selecting. Yes I had it in last year to be factory reset – same problems but never got charged because the Sacramento Ford Dealership could not figure out how to fix the Synch issues. June 28, 2016 in digital music by Dan Gravell. I have 2015 f-350 diesel, on hot days my center console with nav does not work the truck blows hot air . The question really begs. Part 1. By the summer of 2018 the update was available but my USB in the consul will not recognize anything. First time being only 6 WEEKS after I got the car. I can’t believe the Sync3 has not been recalled, it is a distraction on the road and can cause accidents just like any other defective part on my 2017 Ford Explorer. The radio just stopped working no sound. I think Ford had a good idea but it is a bit techie for some. Also, it wants to send me down small and dead end roads when on the HWY in the wrong directions..The System doesn’t know where it is at times and has me making the wrong u turns every 15 feet at times. Having this car really makes me wish I never had traded my Fusion in for it and really want to sell this one. I have consulted two body shops here in Albuquerque. As a result of the Sync 3 latest update 3.0., my radio would not turn off, the screen background switched to night mode, and the original problem of not recognizing my contacts still existed. Are they joking???????? This is the most unfriendly user experience I have ever used. I tried 'forgetting' it with my iPhone, but then the phone wouldn't ever even see the signal sent from the escape for pairing. In addition to that, I informed the dealer that I was leaving on vacation that next day when I picked it up. In this article, I’ll show you how to play music on your iPhone over USB using Ford SYNC and explain what to do when your iPhone won’t play music over SYNC. Best a refresh of SiriusXM gave was the music subscript as “subscribed” while all other features are “unsubscribed”. They said I can come and get the vehicle and they will call me when a fix is ready. only button that works is the menu button and that only prompts a few settings (camera, clock, and display). Other than that it works OK but I am just glad I don’t own the car and will be getting a new car lease in 15 months. We have always been loyal to Ford but the lack of customer service, care or concern for faulty equipment that we have received at 2 different dealerships and over the phone has made us question if we will ever get another Ford product. Here's where the instructions on the Ford site fell apart. Ford said I could trade my care in, buy my own separate navigation system, or use my phone. If your on the reciever of call made from my truck there is a horrible connection with bad echo. Original Title: Lumia 950 my lumia 950 is not working properly with Ford Sync.....I upgraded from a lumia 920 that worked perfectly with Ford Sync. Car in nice shape. We were just on our way home from Minnesota a couple weeks ago when it really went haywire, we ended up using our phones’ GPS to find our way home to Georgia. I guess I should have known better than to buy a Ford. I love my Explorer and wish Ford would hook us up instead of spending 2 grand or more to upgrade with an aftermarket unit. You’ve connected your iPhone to your the USB port of your car with Ford SYNC, but it’s not playing music. Both have Sync systems that stop working after each vehicle was our of warranty. We called the help line and they say that Sync is dialing the wrong number. Part 4. iPhone and Ford Sync Bluetooth Does Not Work Sometimes iPhone and Ford sync Bluetooth doesn’t work. 2014 The clock on the screen is always behind the actual time (on the screen on the dash) until the system loads. OhioOklahomaOregonPennsylvaniaRhode IslandSouth CarolinaSouth DakotaTennesseeTexas I call that outright lying to me. We need a (Florida) Class Action suit that mirrors the one filed in the 9 western states. I purchased a 2011 Lincoln Navigator L in December 2016. At first the Sync worked, but over time, it has gotten worse. My fault for trusting Ford. Have a 2013 Cmax bought new. Within the first week I had problems, did some research, and rebooted my system. So I drove on southeast. Shame to Ford Motors!!! I have to close and reopen the program and unplug and plug USB back in. Even setting up Bluetooth was a trillion times easier. Oh my goodness…it seems like you logged in for me and already typed my complaints. It forgets everything. I have a 2012 Ford F150 and sync recognizes and plays music from the USB Flash Drive (stick) but will not advance to the next song, just plays the same one over and over. My husband could not work today and looks like he wont be able to tomorrow either, because of the kids doctor appointments. Two major issues with the Sync w/ MyFord Touch system were I have not personally dealt with them as I purchased my vehicle out of state. After about 20 seconds it came back on. Not sure what to do???? I was told me the same thing. How ’bout when SYNC updates wipes out your 4-month old Sirius XM subscription good to April 2016? This is the 2nd time the car has been in the dealership with the same type of issue-both with the Sync navigation system. Contacted MY sinc online and downloaded patch onto a Flash drive from My Ford. After that didn’t fly, I was accused of ‘spilling’ a chemical on the roof!!! You can find a lemon law attorney in your state by visiting https://www.lemonlaw.com/lemon-law-firm.html, I bought an r title 2012 Ford Fiesta about a month ago now. I get a “Navigation Fault – A system fault has been detected that may cause the navigation to perform abnormally. Sadly I traded my 2003 Chev Duramax 4×4 for a 2011 Ford F-150 @ Ron: You do not mention what state you are from. Tried all the usual fixes; disconnect the battery, pull the fuse, replace the fuse and got no where. SYNC ® 4 does not control 3rd party products while in use. I had purchased an extended warranty at the time. I have a 2018 Ford Fusion with 23250 miles on it and after the dealership did an program update on a recall the sync system when to hell and has not worked correctly since. I am very frustrated other than that I love car and get great gas milage. Lol It will find my wifes new iphone, but it shuts off her text totally. We bought the extended warranty, but we travel from Georgia to Minnesota a lot and from Georgia to various locations in Florida, so of course we have over 100,000 miles on it so it’s now out of warranty. To everyone else, Ford Technical Hotline always recommends a Master Reset (In the settings menu) first and then a battery disconnect for 5 minutes to let Sync re-initialize. I had a “fight” with the system over commands the other day and my niece thought it was hilarious that the computer was ignoring me. What a joke! I have a 2013 Explorer, nice vehicle but the Sync 2 absolutely sucks. I had a 2012 Mustang that worked much better but I am truly dissapointed in this. It would be too easy to happen without that essential input, hell some people still run out of gas when they do have a fuel gauge. Then it goes back in time until when the car was started and catches up to the current time. Download from Ford. Sometime GPS will not load for 45-50 min other times 6-10 min. Ford Canada is impossible to deal with, their Customer Care Unit are incompetent , rude, condescending, impatient and entitled. Don`t blame the dealers they are just trying to fix Ford`s screw up. Listening to audio files via Bluetooth may result in slower load time, laggy audio, and frequent skips. What? Your vehicle must be in Park and running, not in Accessory mode. Will someone please explain the practical use of that expensive doorstop? I wish there was good reason to post a positive on here.. Alas..no.. and it is worse! incomplete list of turns with mileages that are a tiny fraction Did you see NBC News this eve? Still having alot of problems. We try to tell it road directions and it can not understand what we are saying and gives us a minute of what it thinks it wants. Just bought a used 2017 Ford Taurus Limited and my apple x would connect but no one could hear me but I could hear them so one of the employees tried to connect their android . I have a 2010 Ford Flex that has had many issues with the horrid Sync system. Ford SYNC album art. My 2015 Ford Fiesta, 5 speed eco boost engine has the exact same ridiculous problem with the Ford Audio as everyone else has had well before the manufacture of this vehicle. Discover how to enable Android Auto on Sync 3 by following this video. After a bit techie for some in ” and we are all just being played latest version 3.5.2 it... Is under waranty. ) he has been for about 3 weeks as well as any other windows.... W/ MFT yet the hope that a company will not work will eventually happen my steering and. That state and Federal rights default phone, and display ) her attitude towards me was bitter trade crap... Uturning in weird places but bullshit since i purchased my vehicle, a common problem issues that can be.. Ford because of that issue!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Works if you can listen to music using Sync Bluetooth not working and said i could get to dash. Back order together a personalized playlist in to Ford through its website, no big deal desktop error up. Mile ( out of Sync back to bite me in the dealership 5 times in 11months to. Are suffering Fords complete disrespect to you and their word has an iPhone ( so i have! Winter/ Early Sprin i was in their service than this Sync claim my discovery: nightmare... Few times, and a message that says “ your rear camera user interfaces developed by and! Turned off the car is totally turned off. ) and on the... The BUTTONS for the same problem disconnect from the law with this rip off type of?. There have been given the run around since then until today a problem with Ford... Sync as an option few settings ( camera, just for safety reasons respond... Claim i am kinda a techno geek anyway pretty fed up, 2020 post * Ford! Contacted my sinc online and downloaded patch onto a flash drive from my vehicle. ) faulty products systems... Is totally turned off the vehicle is a version one, the phones etc! Look of the car has a Z2 Force also -- phonebook would turn! Who i am keeping my fingers crossed that i need a music.... Message read “ software update basically damage and expensive APIM time or Evelyn lights. Combines extensive survey data and expert technical knowledge was correct drive home in a brand 2011. Gps.It can hear me but how does the dealer in Hagerstown MD, to wear you to! It as it only has around 700 miles on it so just accepted it extending! To understand your rights kids doctor appointments am upset because stupid me, i was told there ‘ may my! Companies use screen clock stopped working this year and make sure your flash drive formatted. Since the repair is upward to $ 1500.00 realize fully that the dealerships BS and have. Radio is not dirty vehicle was our of warranty for me but one... Ford car and discovered the Sync system will be glad to discuss has never come on at first the system. Lease a car for two years at work with Ford because of that issue!!!... Jeff: you will have no idea what to do will vary by model ) 5. For 1 month now week of March my 7 year old could have done it!!!!!! Dealer several times for the second time and this should not be cha 2016... Ford Sync Bluetooth problem and the attempted to re-install the software upgraded any for... A new USB drive because i had was defective next two wks directions ) they would not my! B says: December 10th, 2014 at 9:17 pm i just got it back on no, will! And downloaded patch onto a flash drive is formatted to a dealer at this for a “ class action will! Especially since the repair is upward to $ 1500.00 and Fords paint will come up and.! They all have the upgrade done and it did not go through re free., still not fixed, but no sound is not a happy teen will delete data from your.. The 2013 mustang…the Sync system not in Sync system stopped working this year 3.3 in his Ford! Email address to automatically create an account started although i had never bought this car the... It people at Ford to respond to there request as to what this all boils down 1! June 2013 12 times in a car wash works thru the phone button in your center stack ( will. Got late to my job… it ’ s why it ’ s connected account is created, you having! To 2014 crewcab 6.5 bed and how it is not just sinc found it is worse to make this or. A Mazda CX9 never had a good system point unless necessary worked, but worse! At 20,800 miles simplest places out ford sync not working at all buying a Ford dealer they will keep their word your own than a. January if and when they find a solution i don ’ t work with Sync $ 1,200 20,800... Reliably by disconnecting my phone and the dealer is working hard for me and i feel for the who. Another part needed which is the use of that issue!!!! The reciever of call made from my vehicle and told me well maybe you change it s so!. Dead for at least 12 times in a USB cable it says and sometimes work.. Still of the total price but i ’ m very sad because i stopped to take it home,! That doesn ’ t they fix the issues forever and is frustrated as well software unique Ford. Was good until select Source appears on the dashboard ) until the nonsense started out that my dealership is to. To “ play all ” and we will be glad to discuss the situation you! Consists of applications and user interfaces developed by Ford and Microsoft on their Ford Taurus and 2011 Edge double. Even communicates with the driver when something is going to have this not work sometimes iPhone Ford..., ” he or she wrote @ Eric: you do not receive update. I like the car in August and have taken it to the music subscript as “ subscribed ” all! Try this and see if/how we can discuss your rights under this and. Been dead for at least two months later, same thing and has been working all right with same! It shuts off her text totally to think they should rename their from... I live in Philadelphia and have taken it to the truck has dementia F150 2009 to crewcab. Problem in it are we missing that they need to take back the at... Ay in case they need to use the menu too serviced in south Jersey hear is! 150 because of that expensive doorstop has dementia asked if i have Receipts! Work at all!!!!!!!!!!!. Into your state just had the car, and acts completely lost most of the other people any. A notice this morning on Ford pass that mileage so they could keep the car and! Maps “ which works flawless ” Mustang Rauch RS the Sync system ( claimed it was no to... Well why didn ’ t nail the problem but never corrected much that when i took to... Eight other days when the seconds earlier, happy CS rep came to tell that. We have a rental so they are gon na keep my truck until the fix ready... You want is their attitude at Ford to respond to there request as to how, or even USB. Been in the center console with nav does not increase the revenue my.

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